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Uninterruptible power systems are vital systems in data centers, hospitals, office buildings and industrial facilities. The reliability and security of the system is of paramount importance.

ENERGON offers:

  • Lead-acid batteries DELTA and ASTERION Xpert. The HRL-W series has the most optimized characteristics that allow to provide the required parameters of UPS and data center autonomy. This product has an extended warranty period of 3 years. ENERGON specialists provide a comprehensive service: calculation of suitable battery systems, supply of complete solutions, rack solutions, battery cabinets and balancers.
  • DELTA and ASTERION Xpert UDL battery cabinets based on Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, the most fire-resistant lithium-ion battery chemistry. The DELTA and ASTERION Xpert UDL series offers solutions with discharge currents from 1C for an autonomy time of 60 minutes or more to 10C for an autonomy time of 5 minutes for backup power to critical loads.
  • The system is easily scalable to the required capacity according to the Master-Slave topology (Master-Slave) up to 15 cabinets in parallel, united by one Master cabinet, without limitation on the number of parallels. Additionally offered

Battery cabinets are supplied with:

  • 19" mounting rack
  • A system of series-connected battery modules (BM) in one rack
  • Central charge monitoring and control system (СBMS) for all combat vehicles in one rack
  • General monitoring and control system (GBMS) of series-connected CBMS and parallel-connected battery cabinets (BS)
  • Monitor-indicator (only for Master configuration)
  • BMS interface setting software 


  • DELTA and ASTERION Xpert UDLs are made with the most fire resistant chemistry LiFePO4 cells
  • Warehouse stock of components and service in Russia
  • More than 5 years’ experience in deliveries and operation in data centers
  • Own test laboratory to check compatibility with UPS from different manufacturers

Main characteristics:

Operating voltage battery cabinet: 256.0-716.8 V
Rated capacity: 40-200Ah
Number of modules per rack: 5-14
Rated discharge current depending on the rated capacity: 200 Ah - up to 1C (at least 60 minutes) / 50 Ah, 100 Ah - up to 5C (at least 15 minutes) / 40 Ah - up to 10C (at least 5 minutes)
Maximum charge current, A: 1C
Rated charge current, A: 0.5C
Maximum number of battery cabinets: up to 15 (1 Master - up to 14 Slaves)