//lang=en_US ENERGON. Solutions for industries

Electric power industry

ENERGON supplies batteries to energy complex enterprises

Telecom and communication systems

Batteries for telephone exchanges, radio relay lines, data processing centers, radio and television broadcasting nodes

UPS & data centers

Data-center, servers, network devices. Data center, servers, network devices. Medium and high power UPS (industrial and commercial facilities)

UPS for PC and workstations

One of the main areas of application for DELTA and ASTERION batteries is uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Security and fire systems

ENERGON is a leading supplier of maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries for security and fire systems.

Moto vehicles

DELTA and ASTERION MOTORCYCLE BATTERY is an ideal partner for urban motorcyclist

Portable devices

Batteries for instrumentation, cash registers, medical equipment, geophysical equipment

Renewable energy

Solar panels, invertors , lithium and lead-acid batteries by DELTA and ASTERION Solar assortment

Li-Ion solutions

Uninterruptible power systems are crucial systems in data centers, hospitals, office buildings and industrial facilities.