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Traction batteries are used in all types of warehouse equipment (electric carts, stackers, narrow aisle stackers, reach trucks, electric forklifts), in cleaning equipment (scrubber dryers, carpet extractors) and various types of transport using an electric motor: from golf carts to water motor vehicles.

ASTERION and DELTA LFP LI_ION Traction Batteries are batteries based on the new advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology. They have significant advantages over lead-acid batteries:
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Quick charge - from 1 hour
  • Longer service life - 3000-5000 cycles
  • Work in a wide temperature range: from -50 to +85°С
  • Eco-friendly batteries - no charging room needed

Advantages of ASTERION and DELTA LFP batteries:

  • Warehouse availability of serial LI-ION batteries and chargers for them
  • Flexible pricing policy and payment terms
  • Battery for rent. Available together with a charger
  • Minimum delivery time: 4-6 weeks
  • Constant availability of all necessary components in production
  • Battery life’s recovery for 50..70% of the original cost
  • In ASTERION and DELTA LFP batteries, in which the cells have worked out their life, we can replace the cells with new ones, in fact creating a new battery
  • Battery reassembly for new equipment
  • We adapt a working battery for 20-25% of the cost when changing equipment to another model
  • Battery fleet monitoring system as an option
  • With detailed data on modes of operation, idle time, battery parameters (actual and recorded for the entire period of operation), and information about errors and warnings
  • Free testing before purchase
ENERGON specialists develop projects based on the individual needs of the partner:
  • We carry out the selection of batteries according to the requirements of the specification of the equipment used
  • We provide recommendations on the placement of charging posts
  • We provide assistance with the audit of the warehouse, as well as the energy supply system