//lang=en_US Telecom and communication systems

Rechargeable batteries allow to provide uninterrupted mobile communications, stable operation of the Internet and internal communication systems of closed enterprises.

ENERGON offers:

  • Lead-acid batteries DELTA, DELTA Xpert, ASTERION,ASTERION Xpert. These products allow to provide the required parameters of autonomy. A key advantage is the battery form factor, which allows to use batteries in telecommunication cabinets.
  • DELTA and ASTERION Xpert RTL Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. They are able to maintain the operation of telecom equipment for a period of time sufficient to eliminate the accident and resume the main power supply.
  • Battery modules (BM) DELTA and ASTERION  Xpert RTL can be installed in standard 19-inch racks, on the floor, shelves and floor on top of each other.
Battery Module includes:

  • A system of series-connected lithium-ion cells in one module
  • Charge Monitoring and Management System (BMS), which ensures that the battery shuts down if an overcharge, deep discharge, overcurrent or short circuit occurs within the battery
  • BMS interface setting software
As additional options for DELTA Xpert RTL modules are available:

  • Remote monitoring function and SNMP support
  • Anti-theft protection with tracking the movement of modules via GSM
  • Built-in modular circuit breaker (for modules with a nominal capacity of more than 50 Ah)
  • Built-in heater for efficient operation at low temperatures from -40°C
  • LCD display
Rated operating voltage of BM: 48.0 V
Rated capacity: 10-200Ah
Max. number of battery modules connected in parallel: 16
Maximum charge current: 1C
Maximum discharge current: 1C
Serial connection: Not supported
Operating temperature approx. environments: From -20 to +60°С, From -40°С with built-in heater
Service life: More than 4000 cycles / More than 15 years