//lang=en_US Security and fire systems

The SFS series lead-acid batteries are specially designed for usage in low-current systems. These batteries are optimized for operation in buffer mode. The batteries have low internal resistance and high energy density. Meeting international safety standards, they are recommended for usage in security and fire systems, as well as access control and management systems.

Batteries for security and fire systems are used in power supply units of systems that provide operation in conditions of power outage. Autonomy: 20+ hours.

Depending on the technical system requirements, ENERGON specialists can offer ASTERION and DELTA batteries from the HR, DTM, DT, Security Force series.

Working advantages from ENERGON:

  • A wide range of models constantly maintained in stock
  • Batteries undergo mandatory input control to check the basic technical parameters
  • A well-developed partner network allows you to quickly deliver batteries
ENERGON products are recommended for use by leading manufacturers of security and fire systems and service companies for their maintenance.