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Solar energy is an affordable way to get electricity from an unlimited renewable resource. This provides wide opportunities in the received electrical power, depending only on the area and geography.
The key components of a solar power plant are: solar panels, inverters, batteries, support structures, cable and conductor and protective equipment. Our mission is the integrated supply of systems to provide a wide range of tasks for the generation and accumulation of energy. Only the correct selection and configuration of equipment can ensure the fulfillment of the technical tasks and the economic feasibility of the solution.
The service life of a solar power plant is more than 25 years – this is a long way and serious guarantees, which is why our technical solutions go through many stages of testing before getting into our product range.
Expertise and experience accumulated over more than 20 years of development history allow ENERGON to ensure responsibility to partners and be absolutely confident in the reliability and quality of the solutions and equipment offered.

DELTA and ASTERION Solar assortment

  1. 1
    Solar panels 15-540 watt
  2. 2
    ASTERION Controllers
  3. 3
    ASTERION Inverters
  4. 4
    Accessories: specialized cable, connectors, protective equipment and fasteners
  5. 5
    LiFePO4 and lead-acid batteries for Solar Energy