//lang=en_US Portable devices

ENERGON offers traditional lead-acid batteries for different equipment:

  • Portable measuring instruments (electronic scales, geophysical equipment)
  • Electromechanical tools
  • Toys
  • Compact medical equipment
  • Lighting devices
The type choice of chemical current source depends on the parameters, dimensions and scope of application of the devices. A wide range of lead-acid batteries allows you to select the required current source for almost any task.

The dimensions of the battery, indicated in the design of the equipment, will serve as the basis for choosing a suitable model. ENERGON's product portfolio includes batteries under the ASTERION and DELTA brands. The HR, DT, DTM series allow you to meet the power supply needs for these types of equipment.

Advantages of working with ENERGON:

  • A wide range of models constantly maintained in stock
  • Batteries undergo mandatory input control to check the basic technical parameters
  • A well-developed partner network allows you to quickly deliver batteries