//lang=en_US Electric power industry

ENERGON supplies batteries to the energy complex enterprises - distribution substations with a voltage of 35 - 500 kV.

Rechargeable batteries are used in:

  • Operational DC systems, which are a key element of the substation
  • Dispatching systems, communications and network management centers
The model range of batteries from ENERGON, which allows to meet the needs of equipment:

  • ASTERION and DELTA Xpert OPzS - low-maintenance battery with liquid electrolyte
  • ASTERION and DELTA Xpert OPzV – battery with electrolyte in the form of gel 
Batteries, including high-discharge series for use in network control centers, as well as front-terminal batteries for use in racks 19-23, are manufactured using AGM, GEL technology.

Rechargeable batteries are available in stock, and are also supplied under the project.

The largest industrial enterprises recommend the use of batteries from ENERGON.